Erotic Couple Photos – Eric and Anna Part 1

I watched his expressive hands as he continued to taste and share his comments about the wines, and could feel myself blushing again. I was imagining those hands covering my body, tracing the line of my breasts, working up my inner thigh. Just as I caught myself, brought myself back to the here and now, I realized he was on the same page.

“So, tasting always begins with studying the color of the wine. Judging by your color right now, you find me attractive and you’re having trouble focusing on the wine.”

As I blushed even hotter at his remark, he walked a few steps towards me, pulling in close and looking down into my face as he continued, “And then we take in the wine’s aroma. Yours tells me that you’re already wet and ready for action.”

Before he could go on, I put a finger to his lips, signaling that I could take it from there. Quoting from his book, but in a sexy new context, I said to him, “Next, there’s a real difference between just swallowing and actually tasting – it’s all in the technique.

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