Erotic Poolside Encounter, Part 2

His cock still standing upright, Oh Baby, as if the sun were pulling on it. As he looked into my awe struck face he wrapped his hand around his cock and pointed it towards me while making an expression seeking my approval. When I nodded him my approval he executed a long firm stroke towards me. I continued nodding with my fingers touching my hot and wet entrance until I began cumming uncontrollably and bending over at my waste trying to remain quiet. “Oh Baby Luv!” I whispered loudly, “How I wish my juices could saute your meat! Mmmmmmmmm Baby!” He knew I was cumming and he broadened his smile towards me.

Erotic Sex By Swimming Pool Erotic Sex By Swimming Pool

As I felt myself coming closer to a massive climax Jo and Joey began screaming uncontrollably. We were all three cumming at the same time. Mmmmmmmm Baby it was feeling so good! Jo continued as long as she could milking his cock with her body but as her legs became weak and tired she rolled off to the side exposing Joey’s volcano still oozing the last of his load. Erotic Sex By Swimming Pool

They both shined and sparkled in their coat of sweat and I could even feel the sweat on myself as Jo rode and rode her wild stallion. With each time Jo went down Joey could see over her shoulder that I was still there. Still there in my cock craving nakedness. Placing my foot on the window sill again knowing that everyone was nearing the journey’s climax. Erotic Sex By Swimming Pool

Jo straddled the chair and began bending her knees lowering herself until her love opening was just barely touching his twitching, throbbing cockhead. She continued down so slowly only allowing the tip to enter her. She began a circular motion with her hips that caused the three of us to moan. Now, even more, she gradually allowed him to penetrate her fully. I could hardly believe it, Jo was able to take it all! Both of them exploding in audible sounds of pleasure as Jo picks up the gallop while riding him.