Movie Trailer – Gone

Gone, the latest film from and director Angie Rowntree, takes us inside the world of Rebecca and Todd, a couple deeply in love, but sadly destined to part. Eschewing the usual, methodical approach to sex scenes so common in adult entertainment, Gone instead provides an intimate a glimpse into the shared world of its central characters. The film is a portrait not merely of Rebecca and Todd’s sex life, but the passion, trust and depth of commitment by which sex is transformed beyond the simple expression of desire and into something far more fundamental and affirming.

Gone is anything but rote, everything but “the same old thing.” Seamlessly integrating a range of emotions and sensations into a single erotic vision, Gone guides us through highly unexpected territory; it’s arousing and titillating, of course, but at times also bittersweet, even melancholy. For those in search of something different, something more human than what is usually seen in porn, Gone is a journey unlike any other you’ve made. Will it take you where you expect? There’s only one way to know.

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