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More Sex in the Great Outdoors!


I invited my college boyfriend to my parents’ lake house, and they insisted we sleep in separate bedrooms. One day as we watched the sunset from the water, we looked at each other, and I could tell we were thinking the same thing. He picked me up, and I wrapped my legs around his waist and pushed my bikini bottoms ...

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Outdoor Erotica

outdoor erotica

I moved in with my boyfriend last July, and to show him one of the benefits, I was lying out in the garden to tan in my thong and nothing else. It didn’t take long for him to come outside and get on top of me. The feeling of him pressing against me and the sun and the grass on ...

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Outdoor Sex Photos

Outdoor Sex

On my first visit to my fiancé’s hometown in Northern California, he took me on a hike to a field with tall grass and a stunning view. He started rubbing my lower back, and I got chills all over my body. I undressed and lay on his sweater, and he got on top. I’ve never had such an intense orgasm ...

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Erotic Poolside Encounter, Part 2

Erotic Sex By Swimming Pool

His cock still standing upright, Oh Baby, as if the sun were pulling on it. As he looked into my awe struck face he wrapped his hand around his cock and pointed it towards me while making an expression seeking my approval. When I nodded him my approval he executed a long firm stroke towards me. I continued nodding with ...

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Poolside Erotic Encounter Part 1

poolside erotic sex

My legs became weak. I dropped to my knees and realized that my hand was touching myself on the outside of my shorts. With the window open a slight bit I could hear Jo’s sounds of enjoyment. She was circling her hips in time with Joey’s experienced tongue. Oh, how I envied everything about her at this moment. Several minutes ...

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Erotic Photos – Eric and Anna part 2

erotic couple photos

Dropping to my knees in front of him as he unzipped his pants, I slowly took his cock into my mouth. Applying his theories of successful wine-tasting to my cock-sucking technique, I aimed to please. I began slowly, taking my time and making sure that I explored every inch of his length with every part of my tongue. As he ...

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